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About Us

Tavewa Seabus is the brainchild of Mr. Don Henry Bruce, a Fijian Entrepreneur.

While growing up on the island of Tavewa the hardship of island life was evident, especially when the luxury of owning a boat was only reserved for a few. Even attending primary school on the nearby Vuaki island was an hour via a punt otherwise known as a tin boat which was used to cross the open ocean using a paddle, then of course there was the trouble of the punt availability, all to get to school. 

1984 witnessed the birth of Roberts Place that later became Coralview Island Resort and still is now.

Deep in Mr. Bruce's heart was unsatisfied as the need of his people burnt within, that is to make travel in the Yasawa easier and affordable that was not only reserved for the fortunate few but to all the tourists that loved the Blue Lagoon Islands and foremost to his people as well as Fijians as a whole to travel the Yasawas and see it the way he did..

Thus, the Tavewa Seabus was launched in 2016 and the rest as they say, is history..